Tracer Registration

Why can't I see my registered TUMI products in my profile?

In order to see my registered TUMI products in "My Account," you must sign into your account or create a account, click on Register Your TUMI and proceed filling out the form. You will only see your registered Tumi products if and only if you register your items this way. If you register your Tumi products in store or while not signed into your account, you will not see your products listed under "My Account". Please note: Once your item is properly registered, please allow 5-7 business days for your item to show up.

Where is my Tracer Plate located?

You can find your 20 digit tracer number, which is located on a metal plate affixed in certain locations depending on the collection to which your product belongs to. Generally placements consist of interior pocket lining or the exterior of some travel pieces. Please note, not all products have tracer numbers.

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